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HeyDroobie is the growing community of Big Thinkers. Dreamers. Doers. Lifelong Learners. The platform offers a clean and organized structure to maximize learning. Inside you will also find features to aid in learning: forums, learning groups, and the community. Plus, fun games to unwind and give the mind a break. All for less than a cup of coffee. 

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Life gets messy, confusing, and sometimes overwhelming. We have engineered a platform dedicated on teaching, connecting, and supporting people to overcome what life sends your way. We've categorized life's big huddles into three pillars of thought- Health, Wealth, and Relationships. All to simplify the understanding of life and how to thrive as people. 

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Living a healthy and well-rounded life involves taking care of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, good sleep habits, practicing mindfulness, building positive relationships, engaging in self-care activities, developing emotional intelligence skills, and cultivating your spiritual health. By prioritizing these aspects of your life, you can improve your overall well-being and lead a fulfilling life.

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People generate wealth by combining their resources and skills to produce goods and services that satisfy people's needs and wants. This involves using labor, capital, and natural resources to create value. Once the goods and services are produced, they are exchanged for money in a market economy, creating wealth for the producer. Investments can also generate wealth by using money to create more money. The market economy incentivizes innovation, efficiency, and competition, driving the process of wealth generation.

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Relationships refer to the social connections between individuals, whether personal or professional, that involve communication, empathy, trust, respect, and personal growth. These relationships are dynamic and fluid, and they influence individuals' emotional, mental, and physical well-being, shaping their personality and contributing to their personal growth. Strong and meaningful relationships can enrich one's life, provide support, and promote personal development.

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What is “VALUE”?

Value is a concept that is fundamental to economics, business, and our everyday lives. In simple terms, value refers to the usefulness or desirability of

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